5 Excuses You Can Use To Go Skiing

5 Excuses You Can Use To Go Skiing


5 Excuses You Can Use To Go Skiing


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Getting away from work, family, or other obligations to go skiing can sometimes be tricky, but these 5 excuses/reasons might work.

WARNING: Use with caution. Abusing excuses could back-fire.

5. “I haven’t skied with (name of friend or family member) in (amount of time since you last skied together). This might be our only opportunity this season!

Skiing with “the boys” is an important tradition. Don’t be that guy that can’t make it to the hill.

4. “These are the BEST conditions we’ll see all year.”

You might use this one even if the hill looks like the picture above… that’s up to you…

3. “(Name of any ski/board brand) is having a free demo-day. I want to figure out which skis I’m going to buy next.”

Nothing like a good demo day to pretend like you know more about skis than you actually do. Click into those 125-underfoots, take a run, and tell your buddies “they handle way better on groomers than I thought they would!”

2. “I bought the season pass for (price of your pass), which means I need to ski (number of days) to make it worth my money.”

Math zach galifianakis the hangover GIF on GIFER - by Gat

We are all Zach Galifianakis trying to calculate how many days we need to ski to pay for our passes.

1. “It’s a pow day!”

No excuse means more than stating “it’s a pow day!”. Your friends and family know that you won’t be able to function if you don’t get out on the slopes. Do them all a favor, and tire yourself out before coming home.

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