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Urs Kryenbühl and Ralph Weber will miss the World Cup competition at Lake Louise on November 27-28.

The Swiss skiers both posted to their social media accounts notifying their followers that they will not be permitted entry to Canada because they have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Canada currently requires international visitors have two doses of the vaccine in order to enter the country.

I’m gonna refrain from making any comments because I don’t want UN to turn ‘political’. But, I will note that I find it absolutely ridiculous that public health and getting vaccinated against a disease that has killed over 700,000 people in this country has become a political discussion. Sad.

Caption translated from German to English using Google Translate:

“A very hard and productive preparation is behind me – the current level on the skis is good and I am very motivated for the start of the new season – but the season for me will only start in Beaver Creek because I do not meet the current entry requirements .
I have been following the corona pandemic for a long time and it is an extremely interesting time that we are currently experiencing and about which I will probably tell my children in detail what we have experienced amazingly. And I also thought for a long time how and whether I should write this text without being politically or defamed as an athlete.
You can read my entire statement on my homepage 📜

I would like to appeal to everyone to leave such a decision open to the other person and not to judge the other person for it. In my case – as in yours – it is your own, very personal decision that you currently have to or may live with. 🙏
The season starts for me in Beaver Creek, which I’m really looking forward to! It can start from me! 💣”

Caption translated from German to English using Google Translate:

“Comeback postponed – The World Cup season will probably start in Beaver Creek USA for me. Physically, I am doing very well, the current level on the skis is fine and thus allows a comeback in Lake Louise. I feel ready and motivated to intervene in World Cup events again. There’s just this “little” catch: Unfortunately, only vaccinated people are allowed to enter Canada. For this reason I cannot take part in the World Cup opener in Lake Louise.”

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