Sun Valley Adds New Glade on Bald Mountain

Sun Valley Adds New Glade on Bald Mountain


Sun Valley Adds New Glade on Bald Mountain


Sun Valley isn’t going quite as big as last season in terms of terrain expansions, but they are still adding a new glade. Over the summer, Sun Valley cut down trees in between Ridge/Blue Grouse and Upper Ridge Run in order to reduce the rise and risks of pathogens and invasive species in the forest. Climate change, leading to droughts and forest fires, has led to a rise of insects and pathogens, leading to the destruction of parts of the forest that are a part of Sun Valley Resort. Some of these invasive species include “Douglas fir bark beetles, dwarf mistletoe, pine beetle, and white pine blister rust.” In response, Sun Valley formed the Bald Mountain workgroup to remove downed or damaged trees. This is what Sun Valley is doing to recuperate the forests:

“Alongside Sun Valley Company’s contributions to forest treatments on Baldy, the National Forest Foundation has been able to raise and contribute private funds and organize volunteer efforts to support tree planting and bark beetle deterrence. This past winter, students and community members gathered on skis to place MCH packets throughout Baldy’s Forests (which deter Douglas fir bark beetles from attacking the trees). In 2020, Sun Valley Company and the Forest Service worked with the National Forest Foundation to supply two large truckloads of logs from Bald Mountain’s Restoration effort to the Shoshone Paiute Tribe at the Duck Valley Reservation. These logs were split into firewood by the Tribe and distributed to the homes of elderly members. This wood provided home heat for more than 70 homes through the winter months.”

While this isn’t as big as the Sunrise and Broadway Express expansion from last season, skiers were definitely be psyched about a new glade run on Bald Mountain. Other offseason improvements include “a new servery at River Run that will assist with guest flow. Local foodie favorite Konditorei has been added to River Run, so guests can enjoy fresh coffee and pastries at both River Run and Warm Springs this season, as well as the Wok and Bowl station that will feature delicious Asian cuisine. The Resort will continue to have bag storage this year at River Run, as well as an Apres Bar outside the Lodge so that guests can choose to remain in the fresh air for delicious post-skiing treats.” Some photos and great drone footage of the new glade are below.

Image/Video Credits: Sun Valley Resort

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