Sierra-At-Tahoe Might Not Open Until 2022

Sierra-At-Tahoe Might Not Open Until 2022


Sierra-At-Tahoe Might Not Open Until 2022


Management at Sierra-at-Tahoe has announced that it is increasingly unlikely that the resort will open in 2021 due to damage sustained from the Caldor Fire. While it initially appeared that the mountain made it through the fire with minimal damage, further inspection has discovered more severe issues. Last month, the resort announced that it would not open the West Bowl area this season.

According to an article in the Tahoe Tribune, the resort has its sights set on opening in “early 2022”. Repairs are underway to fix chairlifts that were damaged in the fire. In addition, countless trees were burnt when the Caldor Fire stormed through the resort. Scorched trees can be very dangerous as they are incredibly unstable and could easily cause serious injury. In addition, burn areas can sometimes have hidden weak spots in the ground where the fire burnt through the roots of a tree.

To add insult to injury, Tahoe saw a large early-season snowstorm that allowed some resorts to open in October. This should motivate the resort to work hard to get the hill ready to rip as soon as possible.

Images From: Sierra-at-Tahoe Facebook Page

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