VIDEO: Riding Norwegian Ice Castles with Eero Ettala

VIDEO: Riding Norwegian Ice Castles with Eero Ettala


VIDEO: Riding Norwegian Ice Castles with Eero Ettala


It seems like anything is possible in skiing and snowboarding these days if you have a handy winch laying around, and a few thousands dollars of that sweet Red Bull sponsorship money.

Finnish snowboarder Eero Ettala rode a snow castle in the small town of Kittilä, and the result was pretty neat if I say so myself.

I’m always looking for riders and skiers to try something ‘new’ in their edits, and I can confidently say I’ve never seen somebody shred a snow castle before. Well done Eero, well done.

Red Bull Snow“Deep in the heart of Finnish Lapland just 200 kilometers above the arctic circle lies Kittilä, a small Finnish town. With temperatures dropping about ten degrees below zero from November on and the season lasting until springtime this northern village is the perfect home for a Snow Village. And with its architectural design and unique constructions of snow and ice, this village proved to be the perfect place to turn Eero Ettala’s latest brainchild into reality: A fully shreddable Snow Castle. Most of the obstacles needed for the tricks already existed in the snow castle, so only minor building and shaping was needed. It was more about moving the ice sculptures and other obstacles from one place to another, rather than creating new ones. The shoot started on the day the snow castle closed its doors from the public, so Eero and the film crew were free to use the icy space as they wanted, without having to fear destroying the features. “All in all, this project was one of the most memorable ones that I have had the chance to do during my career. I think the result was even better than I dared to hope. The location made it feel very special – it felt as if I was riding in a fairy tale world for a week”, Eero concludes.”

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