“In the world of computer generated images, to this day the best way to illustrate a ski area is by hand.”

James Niehues is finally retiring from illustrating ski maps after painting an incredible 240 ski maps since he began his career in 1988. His imprint on ski culture will be indelible and we celebrate his contribution to art and on-mountain navigation over the past 33 years. He maybe stepping back from creating ski maps but he won’t be putting down the paintbrush entirely. James is a landscape artist at heart and will be focusing on that from here on out. Not sure if he’ll be selling his landscape paintings (hope he does) but it would be next level sick to hang one on the wall of ski home (hope he makes mad loot). Cheers to James Niehues…you sir are a legend.

Here’s an excellent little profile on James

If you’d like to buy his coffee table book titled James Niehues: The Man Behind the Map please go HERE.  Here’s a quick video about the book.

images from ski utah youtube

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