“Detailed inspections of the entire resort have revealed that we will not be able to offer you the same ski experience you have come to expect from Sierra.”– Sierra At Tahoe

After a wildfire swept through Sierra At Tahoe this summer, the resort initially thought the damage to the property and lifts were minimal. The more news that has come out, the more it has been revealed that significant damage has been done by the Caldor Fire. A lot of trees have been damaged on ski trails and glades, and lifts face notable damage as well. A slowed-down supply chain is delaying progress on repairs and could impact winter operations. Passholders to Sierra At Tahoe have received an email regarding their options for this season. Sierra At Tahoes official statement is below:

What could this mean? Various trails and glades could be closed altogether, and lifts could be shut down as well. I don’t think the whole resort will be closed, but skiers and riders should expect a very different experience from prior seasons at Sierra At Tahoe. With a very slowed-down global supply chain, some lifts could be closed for extended periods to start the season. It’s a bummer to see such a great ski area be affected by a travesty like this. Hopefully, they get a lot of powder this season.

Image Credits: Sierra At Tahoe


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