McBoat- The World's Only "Float-Through" McDonalds

McBoat- The World's Only "Float-Through" McDonalds


McBoat- The World's Only "Float-Through" McDonalds


I don’t think the average kayaker is gorging themselves on fast-food delicacies from the Golden Arches, but this German town has the world’s only float-through McDonald’s, and it’s actually kind of cool.

The McDonald’s is located on the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany and is has a dock that kayakers and boaters can pull up next to and place their order. The dock used to have a classic microphone and speaker system, but people order from their phones nowadays.

YouTube legend Tom Scott traveled to the McDonald’s to showcase the unique restaurant and explain it as eloquently as only he can.

Tom Scott: “On a little canal off the Elbe river in Germany, sits the McBoat: the world’s only paddle-through McDonalds. It seemed like the sort of thing I should investigate.”

I’ll be clear that I hope other restaurants don’t create their own float-through services in other cities/towns. The last thing we need is for the corporate overlords to have even more opportunities where they can push their products on us.

I do think it’s neat, but I don’t want it replicated throughout the world. Don’t kayakers live on granola, yogurt, freeze-dried fruit, and kombucha anyways?

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