The term ‘glamping’ may have different meanings to different people. Its simplest definition is the act of camping with amenities available like plumbing and electricity. To the hardcore backpacker, glamping may be a nice campground with a shower. Others might think glamping to be parking their plush trailer in nature with a fridge and kitchen.

A Florida-based company called Fancy Camps takes glamping to a new level. They prefer the term ‘luxury camping’. This company provides glamping setups at Topsail State Park in Florida. Their ‘campsites’ include a 16-foot tent, a queen-size mattress, air conditioning/heat, area rugs, end tables, lamps, and exterior lighting. Optional add-ons are a decorative garland, bikes, and a cured meat platter.

According to the website, prices start at approximately $140 per night for two adults. Topsail State Park looks pretty gorgeous. It is situated right on the beach on the gulf-side of Florida. $140 per night for luxury camping near the beach sounds reasonable, but you’re going to need to spring for the charcuterie spread.

Images From: Fancy Camps Facebook Page