'Mirador II'- Impressive FPV Drone Captured Skateboarding Edit- Review

'Mirador II'- Impressive FPV Drone Captured Skateboarding Edit- Review


'Mirador II'- Impressive FPV Drone Captured Skateboarding Edit- Review


‘Mirador II’, published by Monster Energy, is not an amazing skateboarding film. Well, it’s not amazing in the traditional sense where filmmakers are aiming for the best tricks. The skating itself is fairly tame, compared to some other edits we’ve seen recently, but the cinematic experience was fantastic.

I watched the video full-screen on my desktop and was absolutely blown away by the skillful drone shots and editing. I literally had a couple of moments where it felt like I was watching somebody play a video game.

That third-person view just reminded me so much of playing old Tony Hawk Pro Skater games in my basement while my brother begged me to let him play.

The film’s laidback track, grainy filters, slow transitions, and upbeat pace kept me engaged, and not concerned with the actual tricks done by the skaters.

The future is bright for using drones across all aspects of filmmaking. I wouldn’t be surprised to see filmmakers attempt to replicate this film’s quality in other action sports disciplines.

The FPV drones provide such a unique perspective that just wasn’t possible before, and I’m loving it.

Monster Energy: “Mirador 2 is back with a unique take on skateboarding making the most of an FPV drone. Kevin Baekkel, Jorge Simoes, Gabriel Fortunato, and Marek Zaprazny hit up the spots of the Mediterranean but with a difference. Gaps and ledge tech are accompanied by full loops and graceful drone flying, showing skateboarding from a new perspective. 

Directed and edited by Marco Savino

FPV footage by David Lougedo and Marco Savino”

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