Mt. Rose Ski Resort Requiring Vaccinations For All Employees

Mt. Rose Ski Resort Requiring Vaccinations For All Employees


Mt. Rose Ski Resort Requiring Vaccinations For All Employees


“Our intention is to do everything we can to open and operate safely all season long, and that starts with requiring our employees to be vaccinated. We are confident that the wage increase and cost of living adjustment that will also go into effect this season will help us to both remain competitive as an employer, and attract and retain top talent across a variety of positions.”– Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe Marketing Director Mike Pierce 

One of the biggest challenges in this upcoming ski season will be finding workers. The worker shortage issue is no mystery, as companies across the country have struggled to find employees over the summer. The ski industry highly relies on workers from international countries via the J-1 Visa, mostly from South American countries. This employment method has slowed down rapidly since the rise of you know what, leading ski resorts to scramble to tempt locals to work at their slopes. According to Ski Area Management, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is aiming to tempt workers by increasing their minimum wage to $15 an hour. Other perks include a free season pass, free lessons, and equipment rentals, and discounts on retail and food on the mountain.

The other issue that will likely cause shortages is vaccination requirements. After the Pfizer Vaccine was officially FDA approved in August, companies have begun to mandate vaccines. Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe has also announced that they will require vaccinations for every worker at the mountain. This may leave some prospective candidates to look elsewhere in spite of the safety and reliability of the vaccination due to our minds being fed whatever our social media echo chambers are telling us. There is still a lot of vaccine skepticism due to a lot of dangerous misinformation on the internet, leading to I.C.U. rooms being packed to the brim. So get the vaccine to help us get this nightmare over with, and help your local ski mountain out this winter however you can.

You can view Mt. Roses’s available gigs here.

Image Credits: Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe

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