Bones Found Near Loon Mountain Possibly Tied To 2004 Disappearance

Bones Found Near Loon Mountain Possibly Tied To 2004 Disappearance


Bones Found Near Loon Mountain Possibly Tied To 2004 Disappearance


Human bone fragments were discovered on Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire on September 13th. The bone fragments were found at an active construction site on the mountain. Authorities are conducting testing to determine the age and gender of the bones.

According to an article in Boston 25 News, there is reason to believe these remains could be related to the 2004 disappearance of Maura Murray, a 21-year old University of Massachusetts student. This incident made national news and has been the subject of television episodes and podcasts.

The disappearance is outlined on The Maura Murray Missing webpage. Without getting into the details, here are the pertinent facts:

On the morning of February 9, 2014, Maura abruptly left the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA  after placing a call to the owner of a condominium in Bartlett, NH, a place of sentimental significance to Maura. She took out $280 from an ATM, stopped at a liquor store, and started driving. She did not inform anyone of her plans or destination. Early that evening she crashed her vehicle in Haverhill, NH. If Maura were headed to Bartlett, NH, this is the route she might have used. After crashing her vehicle, she declined help from a concerned citizen and was never seen again.

If Maura had decided to head towards Bartlett on foot following the car crash, she would have passed Loon Mountain on Route 112. The distance between the accident scene and the location where these bones were found is approximately 30-miles.

Maura’s sister, Julie Murray, is hopeful the discovery of these remains could provide some closure to the family.

“This is so close to the accident scene. And actually, would have been on her route, if she was going to the Conway/Bartlett area. Although we don’t know where she was headed. This was on the way,” Julie Murray told Ward. “My family and I have spent time at Loon. Maura’s been to Loon. So, it’s definitely a familiar area. This one sits a little different with my family and I.” – Boston 25 News 

Our thoughts are with the Murray family as this is certainly a difficult time filled with a variety of emotions. The results of the test could provide vital information.

Images from: Info NH, Missing Maura Murray Facebook Page


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