Henrik Harlaut Drops October '20 Ski Edit

Henrik Harlaut Drops October '20 Ski Edit


Henrik Harlaut Drops October '20 Ski Edit


*Okay, make sure to start this blog with a really engaging sentence that will keep the reader’s attention and please the algorithm gods of Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Pichai. It’s the only way you’ll grab even 5-seconds of somebody’s time in this digital age. You got this…*

Oh, sorry. I guess I just typed my thoughts into this blog. My boss didn’t tell me how to delete or edit text so I guess it’s just gotta stay there. Anyways, on to my extremely engaging opening sentence that is now buried halfway down this blog.

Henrik Harlaut is the coolest skier in the world.

He might not be the ‘best’ (whatever that means), but it’s undeniable that no skier has a more distinctly unique style than Harlaut. I mean the guy rocks outlandish clothing, has a palpable personality, is an amazing skier, and goes by the nickname Dollo, which has multiple definitions on Urban Dictionary, and I’m not sure if he’s using it to mean ‘Penis’ or ‘Cash’, but either one would be cool in its own right.

*Was that a run-on sentence? Shit. Some Karen is probably going to email me to tell me that I’m a terrible journalist. She’s right, because I’m a blogger, and I’ll pretend like it doesn’t hurt, but I’ll secretly be ashamed for my ineptitude.* CRAP. It happened again.

ANYWAYS. You probably clicked on this blog to watch Henrik Harlaut rip some early-season features in Andorra last year, and not to read the existential thoughts of a down-trodden ski blogger.

Here ya go. Enjoy!

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