WATCH: Savvy Bobcat Breaks Into Chicken Coop

WATCH: Savvy Bobcat Breaks Into Chicken Coop


WATCH: Savvy Bobcat Breaks Into Chicken Coop


This bobcat’s Mission Impossible-esque break-in of a chicken coop in Washington could have been an absolute massacre.

The bobcat finds a hole in the chicken coop’s wire roofing and starts stalking his prey. The chicken see him and start to panic as he chases after them. I have no idea why the bobcat stopped his pursuit after literally ruffling the feathers of one hen, but I’m sure the chickens and their owner are glad.

Chickens get killed by literally everything, but I’m guessing most people in the country don’t have to worry about hungry bobcats sliding their way into their coops. I think the owners might want to make some repairs on that roof after watching this video.

I bet that bobcat will be back, and he won’t let one angry hen deter him from an absolute bloodbath next time.

“A bobcat was caught on camera stalking chickens. The bobcat actually found a gap in the roof fencing and tried to chase the chickens before realizing it was hard to get out! The fencing has since been fixed and the bobcat is unable to get any chickens.”

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