SKEATS Mountain Cleats...Pocket Sized Crampons For Uphill Skiing

SKEATS Mountain Cleats...Pocket Sized Crampons For Uphill Skiing


SKEATS Mountain Cleats...Pocket Sized Crampons For Uphill Skiing


“Simplified split board crampons that fit in your pocket.  For back country skiing or mountaineering.  Use with skins for increased traction.”

Dead simple little device you should consider adding to your backcountry kit to enhance traction while uphill skinning on skis or a splitboard. SKEATS Mountain Cleats mini-crampons attach to ski straps that go over skins for particularly steep or icy terrain to add a bit of purchase while gaining vertical (suppose could go directly to base certain circumstances).  Conveniently compact and easy taken on/off. If you can think of a challenging stretch of steep windblown ice on your regular backcountry route, take a minute and explore picking up a pair. BUY HERE.

“Skeats™ skin cleats are like cleats for your Split Board or Touring Skis.   They are super light, easy to pack, and quickly strap to the base of your skis or boards in seconds.  The branded Voile straps are great back-country tools.  The straps double as board straps and are extremely multi-functional.  All plates and parts are easily interchangeable in the field. Skeats™ are universal starting as small as 60mm up to 105mm.”

How Skeats Were Invented:

Steep skinning over scoured or frozen snow is often the only path to powder paradise.  Sometimes to get to the goods we have to struggle. A pair of Skeats™ will ease the strain and prevent unwanted and potentially dangerous slips.  Adventure and challenge is exciting, but making it a little easier is awesome!

It was on one such adventure that the idea for skin cleats popped into my head…. after slipping one too many times! I’ve always enjoyed the puzzle of ski mountaineering.  A puzzle that requires the full  exertion of body, mind and spirit.  The skillful blend of our human abilities and existing equipment is required to succeed and survive in the back-country.

It is a very unique and humbling experience to be able to invent a tool or piece of equipment.  For me, this experience has added a whole new dimension to the puzzle.  I am happy to share it with you all! A few friends and I have been using my home-made skin cleats for years.  At last I am able to share my idea with other die hard powder hounds.  I hope you enjoy your Skeats™-skin cleats.  As always Skin Steeper, Ride Deeper!

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