Is there any ski area in the country, maybe even the world, that perks interests of skiers and snowboarders like Mount Bohemia? The fact that it even exists feels like a big f*** you to the corporate mold that’s dominating ski resorts across the country.

I mean, think about it. It’s a 900′ vertical mountain located ‘way up der’ on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, doesn’t blow snow, doesn’t groom, and offers large yurts as its most desirable lodging accommodation.

Well, the fabled midwest powder paradise is now offering a pretty impressive wage for its winter employees. One that will have Vail Resorts shaking in their mink-skin boots. The revolution is coming. Ski and snowboard bums actually want to be paid decent wages nowadays! 😆

Here are the details:

Would be a pretty sweet gig if you can find a place to live up there for the winter. Maybe find a place in Houghton (about 45 mins away) or get lucky and find a long-term AirBnb to rent for the winter? Or, be like some of die-hard Bohemians and park your camper/van in the lot for the season.

Here’s to hoping Boho has a better snow year than last season. I need some turns in their incredible glades, a soak in the Nordic spa, a hot pasty, and a cold beer from the North Pole Bar ASAP.