Downhill longboarding is one of those sports where you have to expect that you’re going to fall, and that you’re going to get hurt. It’s not like falling at a high speed on skis or a snowboard where you can get lucky and slide off without a scratch. If you fall bombing a hill on a longboard, you’re going to leave with some kind of injury.

That’s why I’ve always thought that these downhill riders are crazy people. There’s very little margin for error when you’re pushing 60mph on a skateboard on a paved road with cars all around.

Josh Nueman created a highlight reel of his 10 closest calls in which the crash or almost-crash could have went a hell of a lot worse than it actually did. He probably could have died 5 or 6 times over in this video if things had gone differently.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t breathe for the duration of this video. So tense.

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