Jay Peak, VT is one of the heavy hitters on the Indy Pass

Hey you, yeah you. Guy/gal who hasn’t purchased their Indy Pass yet. What are you doing?

Look, I know summer is coming to an end and you’re probably spending a lot of time outside, but get your priorities in order, bro! Ski season is right around the corner, and you only have 18 days (August 31st) until all Indy Pass prices increase. The Indy Pass, with some blackout dates, only costs $279 until the end of the month. The price will increase to $299 starting on September 1st.

I’ll be honest that a $20 increase isn’t substantial, but think about what you could do with that $20? You could buy a couple of beers at the hill, stock up on some hand warmers, pay for a month of your favorite subscription service (take that as you may đŸ˜‰ ), start a gym membership at a surprisingly cheap gym, or invest that money into cryptocurrency and hope that it turns into millions in just a matter of weeks because the internet doesn’t make sense and nothing is real!

Take a trip to a little place called Jackson this winter at Snow King using your Indy Pass

Hey, I know we’re sponsored by the Indy Pass here at Unofficial Networks, but I would honestly buy this pass even if we weren’t. You currently get 2 days of skiing or riding at 76 resorts across three countries for less than $300.

I know your friends think that their pass is ‘Epic’, but I guarantee they won’t feel so cool when they realized they paid 3x as much as you to wait in lift lines and pay for overpriced food and drinks in ritzy lodges.

Red Lodge? More like Cold Smoke. (Sorry couldn’t think of anything punnier)

I also heard a little whisper that even more ski areas might be joining the Indy Pass in the coming weeks. That’s just more bang for your buck.

You can buy your Indy Pass by clicking this link.

Featured Image: Powder Mountain, UT

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