WATCH: Kid Double Ejects On Cliff Drop

WATCH: Kid Double Ejects On Cliff Drop


WATCH: Kid Double Ejects On Cliff Drop


Is there anything better in skiing mishaps than the classic double-eject? I’ve been sitting here a few minutes trying to think of something, but there really isn’t anything funnier than watching a skier come flying out of both of his or her skis after catching some air.

Cue the classic DIN setting jokes like, “What was his DIN at? -5?!” or “Hey buddy, might want to check that DIN setting next time.” Those jokes never get old, and I’m actually not being sarcastic when I say that.

Also, you gotta love getting a new ski clip in the middle of August. I feel starved for seeing people slide on snow and make a fool out of themselves. Only a couple months left to go!


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