Coyote vs. Eagle For Deer Carcass- Who Wins?

Coyote vs. Eagle For Deer Carcass- Who Wins?


Coyote vs. Eagle For Deer Carcass- Who Wins?


I feel like every young kid went through a phase in life where they asked themselves which animal would reign supreme in a fight to the death with other animals. Oh, just me? 

Anyways, a trail cam captured a coyote and a majestically large bald eagle fighting over a dead deer carcass in the mountains of Montana and it made me chuckle thinking how a 5-year-old Matt would have freaked out seeing this video.

If only the internet was as readily available back then as it is now. Actually, maybe it’s a good thing that I was a part of the last generation of kids that didn’t grow up spending hours on end on the internet…

I’d probably be doing weird ass dances on Tik Tok right now and spending all of my mom’s money on Fortnite skins to impress my friends like every other 5-13 year old nowadays.


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