Biker Has Tense Encounter With Grizzly

Biker Has Tense Encounter With Grizzly


Biker Has Tense Encounter With Grizzly


A biker encountered a large grizzly bear while on a trail in Jasper, Alberta, Canada and lived to tell the tale.

“It was about 9 pm and I was mountain biking the Hochimini trail in Jasper Alberta when I came across a grizzly bear in the slough part of the trail. She was initially barely in view, maybe 50 ft away, but I could see it was a bear. I stopped and said ‘hey bear!’ while pulling out my bear spray and grabbed my cell phone to record the encounter. The bear continued walking toward me and the video starts when I say more sternly ‘back off, okay?’ while pointing bear spray at her.”

I have no idea how this guy, who is a total psycho (I mean that as a compliment) is able to stay so calm when he encounters an apex predator that could kill him in the matter of seconds.

I would be shitting my pants and would probably freeze up, I can’t lie. He did everything right by standing his ground, speaking loudly, and having his bear spray on hand should she decide to charge.

Dude’s adrenaline must have been rushing after this experience. He probably got home and couldn’t sleep for hours knowing he just successfully stared down a grizzly by himself in the wild, and won. Well done sir, well done.

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