Five Things Every Skier Says At Work

Five Things Every Skier Says At Work


Five Things Every Skier Says At Work


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Times have changed and most of us are still working from home, but that doesn’t stop us from mentioning our favorite winter sport at every possible moment. Especially in the off-season 😆

Everybody has that guy at work that is always talking about skiing. Hell, I am that guy. Odds are, you probably are too. Here’s the shit we say that probably drives our co-workers insane.

“Uhhh one interesting fact about me is… I love to ski.”

We supply this answer to every single ice-breaker. It’s easy, it’s convenient. Everybody knows this about us already, but who cares?

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Our Co-Workers, probably

“Hey, (insert boss’ name), I’m feeling a little under-the-weather.”

We’ve all done this. The classic playing hooky on a powder day. Hell, I live in Wisconsin and I’ve done this at least 5 times to ski rock hard ice patches. Sometimes you just gotta scratch the itch on a random Tuesday in January.

“Oh, you ski too?”

There’s nothing that makes our ears perk up more than hearing a fellow co-worker talk about anything remotely close to skiing. However the following conversation is usually disappointing.  We usually realize that our co-workers are just a classic ski-on-the-holidays-only Jerry.

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“This reminds me of skiing.”

We relate every single thing to skiing. I once related a sales strategy to how I plan my line during a meeting. Nobody understood me. I looked like an absolute idiot. I guess it just comes with the territory.

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“My dream job is to be a ski resort owner, lift operator, ski patrol, etc….”

Another classic ice-breaker answer. I have told people at least 500 times that I want to be on Ski Patrol and run shop with an avy-dog. You tell me a better job out there. You can’t because there isn’t one.

Powder Puppies: The Making of an Avalanche Dog - Ski Utah

Courtesy: Ski Utah

A tip of the cap to the classic video that inspired this post.

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