“Who has never dreamed of flying simply by spreading the arms? To fly for real, over a 3 kilometers range and at 250 km/h: welcome to the universe of Wingsuit! This powerful experience of flight in its purest state, reserved until now for a few experienced skydiver pilots, is now accessible to the general public for the first time. The Wingsuit Tandem, results of years of testing and development, offers unique sensations and an immersion in the exceptional adventure of human flight. Much more than a tandem jump, this Sky Vibration exclusive opens the doors to a magical and dreamlike world.”

As a consenting adult you can pretty much walk into any skydiving center across the country, pay a fee and after a bit of instruction, jump out of an airplane strapped to the chest of a qualified instructor. Happens every day, no biggie. Wingsuiting on the other hand has always been out of reach to the novice and reserved for experts only….UNTIL NOW. Here’s the deal, you’ll have to hop across the pond and hook up with the French skydiving compnay, Sky Vibration, who are pioneering tandem wingsuiting above the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland:

“It’s now possible to experience the sensations of Wingsuit flying without being an advanced skydiver. Our aim is to share our passion for human flight with more and more people. Safety has been our main concern during the development of this project, and we have successfully reached the highest level possible.”

Question is…would you send it? If you’re interested, book your flight HERE:

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