Looking for a memorable mountain biking/hiking trail to do this summer? You should check out the Paper Airplane Loop. Located at Powder Mountain in Ogden Valley, Utah, the 7.12-mile trail starts at the Timberline Lodge and then goes through a loop that includes a steel paper airplane structure and Hidden Lake. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Powder Mountain began building out its mountain biking network in 2015, with the trails ranging in difficulty. With there only being mountain biking and hiking for summer activities, the resort has stayed under the radar for its off-season operations. The airplane was designed by Griffin Loop.

It is faster to do on a bike(about 90 minutes), but it’s also possible to just hike to the Paper Airplane. The easiest way to do this is to go from Woody’s Trail to the Airplane, which is about a four-mile roundtrip. In order to get to the trail, park at the Timberline Lodge parking lot, and head down the summit pass. From there, enter Woody’s Trail to reach the paper airplane. Click on the attachment to see a full step-by-step guide to navigating the trail by the Salt Lake Tribune.

Image Credits: Salt Lake Tribune, Powder Mountain

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