“The bear has been causing some damage,” Chief Kenneth Miller said. “It damaged the bumper on one vehicle, the truck bed cover on another, and the front seat interior of another.”

Fresh out of hibernation, Bears all around the world have been going wild lately. The latest drama surrounds a single bear in the town of Thornton, New Hampshire. WMUR reports that a black bear was caught on home security footage breaking into a truck. Multiple other care breaks in were recently reported in the near vicinity, so it is now believed that this bear, or his friends, has broken into multiple vehicles. Officials believe that these bears are looking for food, thus breaking into cars when they smell something appetizing. Located just outside of Waterville Valley Ski Resort, Thornton is rural and mountainous, meaning tons of wildlife call it home, including bears.

Wildlife, especially bears, are a common part of life in New Hampshire. The state is even home to a bear-themed amusement park, Clarks Trading Post, that features a show with bears doing tricks and showing off their skills. Perhaps this big guy would be a perfect fit for Clarks. In order to avoid these break-ins, officials are recommending drivers remove any trash and/or food from their vehicles.

“Wildlife experts said if you come face-to-face with a bear, don’t panic, don’t run, and make plenty of noise. They said that is usually enough to scare them away.”

Image Credits: WMUR

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