Just a friendly reminder that cougars are very real, and can be very dangerous!

Check out this clip taken from a man’s trail cam on his property in the Wasatch Range of Utah from a few years back.

The camera is focused on an elk herd as it is attacked by a stalking cougar. The video description says that the cougar killed a calf just out of frame.

Do people who live in areas home to cougars ever think about how crazy it is that wild big cats roam the areas near and around their homes? I, like every other white male interested in skiing or snowboarding, have plans to move out to Denver or SLC, but cougars terrify me… I hope I’m not alone…

BigHunterDad: “I caught video footage on my trail camera of a Cougar sneaking in and taking down a calf elk. I later found the calf’s carcass just 15 feet away straight downhill from where the Cougar catches it at the tail-end of the video. Unfortunately that action was just outside of my trail camera’s angle of view. July 2018. Utah’s Wasatch Range.”

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