“Just staying calm and trying to think through it. I was hallucinating big time.” -Peggy Faulk

Search-and-rescue teams have found the missing 64-year-old hiker who went missing near the summit of the San Gorgonio Mountain on Sunday. NBC Los Angeles reports Peggy Faulk survived three days and two nights alone in the mountain woods, despite triple digit temperatures, before she was rescued.

The Irvine investment advisor was located by the San Gorgonio Search and Rescue team south of East Fork Cabin in Forest Falls. According to Faulk and Yucaipa Police, she fell behind on her way back from the summit to meet friends at the High Creek Camp. The person she was hiking with was faster than she was, and she veered off the rocky trail and lost her cell phone. Faulk ran out of the power bars and water she brought with her Monday night.

Hats off to the San Gorgonio S&R Team, nice work!

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