According to Fox 13 New Utah, Salt Lake City is home to an anonymous bike theft vigilante that has been dubbed ‘Bike Batman’.

The man has decided to protect his identity so his cover isn’t blown when he’s out looking for stolen bikes.

The Bike Batman recently helped an SLC resident named Maya.

Maya was so grateful for his good deeds she wanted to repay his kindness and organized a GoFundMe to raise money so KJ (Bike Batman), who works several jobs to make ends meet, can get a new bike.

“Here’s this guy who helped me and turned my day around. He’s an incredible community member. He deserves to have a bike and deserves so much more than that. He deserves all the good karma in the world.” 

Just a heads-up- this news segment is a little weird. The girl who had her bike stolen appears to be talking to a wall at one point, the commentary is a little cheesy, and the story abruptly ends in the middle of Bike Batman talking.

Still a great story and this guy is racking up good karma.

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