“Alpine Parrot makes outdoor apparel specifically for women’s sizes 14-24. Clothes are meant to fit *us*, not the other way around.”

Congratulations to folks over at Alpine Parrot whose Ponderosa Pants project got fully funded on Kickstarter, exceeding its crowd-funding campaign goal  of $10,000 with an incredible $55,000 pledged. Perfected over two years of development and continual feedback from over thirty fit models, Alpine Parrots wants these to be the best pants, ever, that truly meet your needs, make you feel good, and get you excited to go outside:

“If Alpine Parrot is for you, then you are well aware of the problem we’re tackling. 68% of American women wear a size 14 or up, with the average size being a 16/18. And yet, as of spring 2020, less than 10% of the clothing sold in outdoor retail stores is available in these sizes. The outdoors is our happy place, but it can be hard to access when technical clothing that fits is hard or impossible to find.

It’s time for a company to make outdoor clothing available in sizes worn by more than half the population, featuring models that span the races and ethnicities that call our planet home. Alpine Parrot is that company. Alpine Parrot’s mission is to create outdoor clothing that encourages and celebrates underrepresented people in the outdoors, namely people of size and people of color, starting with our first product, the Ponderosa Pants.”

Only 9 hours left on the campaign so make sure to ORDER HERE NOW:

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