Mountain Biking | Stevens Pass Ski Resort

^Courtesy: Stevens Pass

The mountain bike community is ablaze this morning with the announcement that the Stevens Pass, WA bike park will not operate for a 2nd consecutive season.

The park was closed last season due to COVID-19, but many are wondering why the park will not open this season considering the ski resort operated this winter.

Here’s the full statement posted to Stevens Pass Facebook:

Doesn’t look too promising that the bike park will reopen with a phrase like, “…will evaluate its future ahead of next summer”

That’s got corporate overhead cost-cutting written all over it if you ask me.

Many who frequent Stevens Pass are obviously disappointed that the bike park is not open and are sounding off in the comments.:

Sarah H: “Oh Vail… you’ve screwed so much up, but this is likely the icing on the cake for many. You should try a survey on pass holders and employees before you took over. You might be surprised”

Jeff W: “I thought it couldn’t get worse than this winter but I was wrong. I’m sure they just want us to go to Whistler instead. Don’t do it!”

Mountain Biking | Stevens Pass Ski Resort

^Courtesy: Stevens Pass

Colin C: “”Evaluate its operation” Translation were shutting it down because we don’t want to have the overhead cost. It isn’t coming back as long as Vail runs Stevens.”

Stacey : “It’s clear Vail is not operating with the public use in mind.
US Forest Service needs to know that the public needs are not being met with this lease and I hope they are monitoring this thread. Seems like a petition or similar is needed at this point.”

Jennessa E: “Vail sucks. They took away the Bike Park and Disc golf course, both staples of the PNW. And they treat their employees poorly!”

Jeremey S: “I grew up riding Stevens Pass. I can say now I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Such an amazing place has been completely gutted by a corporation that doesn’t care about its community.

Today is probably a tough day to be a Vail Customer Service Representative…

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