Tuckerman Ravine Still Goes!

Tuckerman Ravine Still Goes!


Tuckerman Ravine Still Goes!


Alpha Guide: Skiing in Tuckerman Ravine - goEast

^Map of Tuckerman Ravine, Courtesy: Colin Boyd, Go East

Alex Schwieger went skiing on Mt. Washington’s Left Gully in Tuckerman Ravine the other day, and the snow looks surprisingly good for this time of year!

The Left Gully is adjacent to the classic bowl you see in most pictures of the ravine, and typically fills and holds snow longer than most of the terrain in the area.

It’s also a popular uphill route for backcountry skiers and riders.

Kudos for Alex and friends for still getting after it!

The backcountry skiing at Tuckerman Ravine is a pilgrimage every skier should consider in their lifetime.

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