Utah Made Outdoor Social Networking App Launches...OutdoorPals

Utah Made Outdoor Social Networking App Launches...OutdoorPals


Utah Made Outdoor Social Networking App Launches...OutdoorPals


Peep this new app created with the aim to help you find outdoor activities, meet new people, and get outside! Outdoorpals is Utah made social networking app created by BYU alumni that seeks to help people get off their phones and create more in-person memories rather than encouraging chatting online.

Cool, how’s it work though? On the app, users can choose from up to 30 different outdoor activities they are interested in and find events taking place near them with other people who are at the same skill level as they are. Activities include skiing, rock climbing, paddleboarding, paragliding, geocaching, yoga and more.

For safety reasons, users initially only see the general location for the event. Once the host of the event approves their request to join, they will see the specific location for the event and be approved to privately message the other participants of the activity.

KSL reports that like the rest of the world, the team at Outdoorpals didn’t anticipate being in the middle of a global pandemic at the time they launched but think it’s more important now than ever for people to benefit from the great outdoors.

“I think one of the things that has been very obvious is outdoor activities and outdoor recreation has surged in popularity during the pandemic. Whether that’s ski resorts or visiting the state parks … and so, I think that there’s been an increase in popularity and an increase in desire for those outside recreations because they’re seen as being safer than a lot of the indoor things or other venues have been closed.” -Kevin Wallace

As for the whole meeting up in person during the COVID era, Wallace said people will need to decide what they are comfortable participating in as far as social distancing goes, but he feels like meeting up in small groups outside is a better option than others people may turn to for entertainment during the pandemic.

Interesting concept, could be a useful tool for those of us looking to expand our friend circle while enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. Find more info HERE.

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