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Whether you started as an infant or a late bloomer, somebody (most likely) taught you how to ski or ride.

We asked our Facebook followers to share their story about how they learned to ski or ride.

Thanks to all who shared!

Marybeth L: “My very patient brother-in-law, Mick K., when I was at the ripe young age of 30ish! I couldn’t have done it! He was kind, gentle, yet pushed me because he knew I could do it! The best teacher and brother-in-law (really a brother) ever!!! He showed me why he and his family love the mountains!

Jeanette K: “My Mom, when I was 2. She was a Ski Patroller at Heavenly when she was pregnant with me, in 1959, so I was skiing before I was born!”

Lesson Details | Heavenly Ski Resort

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Rusty F: “A snowboard instructor at shawnee pa. taught me my first lesson at maybe 8 or 9. The park rats there taught me how to keep up, and then smuggs locals and patrol showed me how one really rips the east properly. So much love for everyone who’s showed me new ideas over the years. And the whole time in the backround was dad screaming “USE THE DAMN EDGES!””

Doug T: “My friend at Stowe School, Art Hawkins, skied with me and taught me to keep up back in ’83. He passed away from Covid related causes on July 4, 2020.”

John H: “My dad, who had been an AFRC instructor in Garmisch and a patroller at Hyak. I was one in the oldest photo I have, at one of the long-gone rope tows at Snoqualmie.”

Jessica H: “My dad!!! He’s a bad ass!!! 73 and he’s still skiing we call him hungabunga!!!! He taught his 3 kids to ski!!! 2 went to nationals and 1 to the junior Olympics 3 times and has taught 5 out of his six grandkids how to ski as well!!!! He’s the man!!!! Still to this day helps out with race ops on the east coast and all his kids as well!!!!”

Dad why is my sister called Summer?" "Because your mother loves summer." "Thanks dad. I love you." "I love you too Fresh Pow." f R .., _.- - iFunny :)

Corey H: “My dad took me to the top of the mountain when I was 5. And said get down, he did that until I got it right. Moved to Alaska at age 21 and got a small sponsorship snowboarding 🏂. #bestdad”

Gary F: “My dad. He doesn’t ski anymore. He says he’s too old. I don’t either. I caught the Ride bug and switched to one stick. Still loving the runs everyday possible. Thank you Dad.”

Joseph B:“Jean Claude Kily – my parents lived in France and he was an instructor at Méribel and that whole thing was a lie.”

Drew L: “Ski instructor at loon in the mid 90s named Victor, ill never forget that guy.”

Group Ski & Snowboard Lessons for Ages 8-14 | Loon Mountain Resort,NH | Ski and Snowboard Lessons | Loon Mountain Resort

^Courtesy: Loon Mountain

Richard H: “At age 52, I met the love of my life. She skied, I didn’t. So…..”

Sheila L: “Chasing the local Pali heads around Abasin until I could keep up!!”

Peter S: “Thelma Green! Mittersill ski area. Franconia N.H.”

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