Turning An Entire City Into A Snowmobiling Paradise

Turning An Entire City Into A Snowmobiling Paradise

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Turning An Entire City Into A Snowmobiling Paradise


Professional snowmobiler Levi LaVallee turned Duluth, Minnesota into his own personal snowmobiling paradise in his new feature for Red Bull.

The video shows LaValle riding around Spirt Mountain and hitting some extreme urban features throughout the city of Duluth.

Pretty neat to see LaVallee riding Spirit Mountain so aggressively.

Makes me wonder if there would be a desire for designated snowmobiling parks on mountains across the United States…?

Red BullWatch in awe as Levi LaVallee explores every Snowcross racer’s dream location on a whole new level! 😜 😍

From a young age LaVallee participated in Snowcross races at Spirit Mountain (the local ski resort), and often wondered what it would be like to take his sled off of the course and onto the steep streets of the city itself. LaVallee constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible on a snowmobile, and he continues to innovate the sport by incorporating styles from BMX, Freestyle Motocross, and Snowboarding into his tricks. Having won 13 X Games medals in six different snowmobile disciplines, he is one of most successful athletes in X Games winter event history,

In early 2021, LaVallee was able to make those Spirit Mountain dreams a reality and turn the historic port city or Duluth into his personal snowmobile playground. Shot over the course of a week, and racing against the changing of the winter into spring, the snowmobile project showcases many of Duluth’s famous locations.”

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