The Best Street Snowboarding Film You'll See This Year

The Best Street Snowboarding Film You'll See This Year

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The Best Street Snowboarding Film You'll See This Year


^Aiden Hryciw front-flips off a chain link cage

Put It In The Bowl is a collective of snowboarders who prefer urban settings to hone their craft rather than resorts or the backcountry, well, at least in this film.

In a similarly styled video to The Bunch’s ‘Is There Time For Matching Socks’Put It In The Bowl released a full length street snowboarding film titled ‘Day Late and a Buck Short’ that is simply the best you’ll see all season.

The video is stuffed with the crew hitting natural features in urban settings, tasteful music, stylish editing, and a sense of community. I love when videos such as this create a story for the members of the crew, and allow my imagination to run wild about what it must have been like to film this project.

While all of the video parts are unique in their own way, Geremy Guido and Aiden Hryciw stole the show. Their creativity on these natural features is truly incredible.

Hope you enjoy ‘Day Late and a Buck Short’ as much as I did.

Bowl: “Put It In The Bowl … Our feature film “Day Late and a Buck Short” filmed over the past two winter seasons, this full length film follows our tried and true receipt of working with what you’ve got ! Featuring boarding by Geremy Guido | Bryce Bugera | Tommy Van | Aiden Hryciw | Cam Hiemstra | Mario Vuono | Teilhard Volk | and Friends. Filmed/Edited – Liam Hall Supported by – Sneaky Weasel Beer Capita Union 32 Stance Dragon Obey The Truth Board Shop @putitinthebowl”

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