Bouncing Manhole Cover Spotted In Denver

Bouncing Manhole Cover Spotted In Denver

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Bouncing Manhole Cover Spotted In Denver


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A Denver woman captured a manhole cover bouncing around like a bouncy-ball in Denver yesterday.

Officials stated that air is sometimes forced out through the manhole covers when water is flowing through the pipes, causing the manhole covers to jiggle.

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot more than a ‘jiggle’ to me.

Maybe all of the Denver sewer rats farted at the exact same time?

Does that joke play? The video description beat me to the ninja turtles joke I wanted to make… 

Next 9NEWS: This is either the work of a ghost, a scary clown, some mutant turtles going through puberty, or an air bubble. Denver Water thinks that, likely, it’s the last one.”

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