“Skis have sharp edges, and it cut him. After about two or three steps, the blood started gushing. That’s when I knew we had kind of a problem.” –Christian Schauf

A collision with a skier in the Utah backcountry left a Swiss Mountain Dog named Barron bleeding and fighting for his life Saturday but thankfully his owner is the CEO of a survival kit company and had everything on hand needed to address the injury.

KSL reports the incident happened after a skier fell over and the 17-month-old dog went back to check on her. Another skier came by and collided with the dog. The owner, Christian Schauf, is the founder and CEO of Uncharted Supply Company, a manufacturer of high-quality survival systems and had one of his emergency kit’s in his gear including gauze and zip ties, which he used to stem Barron’s bleeding. He then crafted a makeshift tourniquet out of duct tape and a stick.

“I wrapped the bandage the best I could, put him on my shoulders and started skiing down.”

Schauf slowly made his way down the mountain with Barron slung across his shoulders and got him to the veterinarian in the nick of time.

“Got to the vet, and they thought he probably had minutes before he was gone.” 

Thankfully Barron is recovering and he’s a great example of why its important to always carry a med kit in the backcountry, whether you end up using on a human or canine:

“I never thought I’d use it on him, but that’s what worked. It’s just good to be prepared, you know, just to have the stuff with you just in case.”



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