^Nikolai Schirmer charging hard on the Anima. (4:04)

Professional big mountain and freeride skier Nikolai Schirmer breaks down what he likes about the new ‘Anima’ ski from French ski-maker Black Crows.

It’s always great to hear the pros talk shop about their gear, and Nikolai does a great job at explaining the versatility of this ski without using confusing technical terms that we all pretend to understand.

Nikolai Schirmer: Got a few months with this ski under my feet now and this is how they feel. “

Black Crows Anima Specs


Available Lengths: 176.6/182.1/189.2/194.4 cm

Sidecut (182.1cm): 145/115/135 mm

Technical Details: Double rocker, classic camber

Price: $899.95

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