^Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay 

We asked you to share your favorite songs to jam to on the way to the mountain, and you certainly didn’t disappoint.

We read through all of the comments, and added (almost) every song to a public Spotify playlist for your enjoyment the next time you’re getting hyped up for a day on the mountain.

The majority of the songs fall into the ‘Rock’ genre, but there are some tasty hip-hop, pop, and EDM songs sprinkled throughout.

Check out a preview of the playlist embedded below. Click to open the full playlist in Spotify, and feel free to share.

Well done, friends!

Have a song that didn’t make the list? No worries. Add a new comment on our original Facebook post, and it will be added.

Happy shredding!

Featured Image Courtesy: invisiblepower from Pixabay