Best Pictures From NHL Lake Tahoe Games

Best Pictures From NHL Lake Tahoe Games


Best Pictures From NHL Lake Tahoe Games



Courtesy: Boston Bruins

The NHL took a leap to Lake Tahoe for their annual outdoor games this year. The venue created jaw-dropping backdrops, and resembled something straight out of a hockey player’s best dream.

The games are typically held in outdoor arenas to create a unique experience for hockey fans, but without the need to host fans during COVID-19, the NHL took the games to arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth- Lake Tahoe.

The games took place on the 18th hole at Edgewood Tahoe Resort in Stateline, NV.

The Flyer and Bruins were set to play on Saturday 2/20/21, but the game was postponed due to warm temps and sun melting the ice. They ended up finishing their game yesterday.

The pictures are simply stunning. Take a look at some of the best captured throughout the weekend.


Pretty amazing pictures if you ask me. Can they fit a full-sized football field at that venue?

Seems like the obvious next step for most picturesque football game of all time, right?

Featured Image Courtesy: Boston Bruins

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