“Holy f*ck poor elk. He just got smoked!”

Hats off to Canadians Jesse Dahlberg and Patrick Sengers who witnessed an elk getting smashed by an avalanche and snapped into action to rescue the animal from an icy grave. The CBC reports incident happened Feb. 3rd as the pair were watching railroad crews use explosives to trigger avalanches near Field, a town in southeastern B.C. Here’s the video ***Warning NSFWL***

Dahlberg was familiar with the area and drove over with Sengers to check on the elk. He found a trail leading up to the debris field and spotted a set of nostrils, an eye and a puff of fur poking out of the surface:

“I could tell it was alive. It was looking at me, I could see its nose moving. It couldn’t move, it was in that snow like concrete. It was alive and I wanted to save it.”

And that just what he did. He started with his hands and then told his buddy to bring a shovel. Within about 15 minutes they had dug out enough snow that when he gave it an encouraging shove, it stood up under its own power and stumbled out of the snow. It paused about a yard away and gave his rescuers walk away.

“I put my arms up and started cheering because I was so excited that it was alive. The whole time I didn’t know if its back was broken or its legs were broken. I was so happy.”

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