Solitude Demands Guests Respect Resort Staff

Solitude Demands Guests Respect Resort Staff


Solitude Demands Guests Respect Resort Staff


Ya know where ever you come down on all the COVID protocols, taking out your frustrations on ski resort staff is just ain’t right. Salute to Solitude Mountain Resort for sticking up for its staff and putting out this stern warning to guest who give employees a hard time. The people on the frontlines have clear directives and “are not in a position to allow for compromise or exceptions.” If you wish to voice objections, don’t do it with a lifty who’s trying to keep everyone safe and the chair running smoothly, contact resort directors and let them know.  Here’s Solitude’s statement: 

“Wherever we come from, whatever we do for our jobs, everyone who gathers at Solitude chooses to be here because they love the mountains. Among the people who choose to be at Solitude are our employees. They make it possible for us to do what we love and deserve to enjoy their experience in the mountains. We are thankful for our employees and you should be, too.

This season continues to present its share of challenges, and — while our staff meets those challenges every day to keep our lifts turning, our food served, our lessons and rentals operating, and our lodging open — it has become apparent that we need to remind some people in our community to treat our staff with respect and kindness.

Solitude does not tolerate guests who are disrespectful or combative toward our staff. Our employees — especially those on the front lines — have been directed to enforce our COVID-19 protocols. They are not in a position to allow for compromise or exceptions, AND they are as concerned with the well-being of guests as they are with their own. In support of this, we are committed to working continuously with our staff to ensure that they offer patience and respect in the implementation of our protocols.

Working together has always been key to making this a successful season because we are better together.”

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