The Indy Pass is the hottest deal in skiing, and prices are set to increase with the New Year, but fear not.

You can still purchase your personal ticket to 50+ resorts across North America for only $229 if you buy today or tomorrow!

Buy your pass here.

Indy Pass | 50+ Resorts ❄️ 100+ Days ❄️ $229 ❄️ Now On Sale

We’ve provided you ample reasons to purchase an Indy Pass to date, but here are three more (just for good measure)!


Are you trying to ball on a budget? Show me a better deal than access to 50+ resorts for only $229… I’ll wait! The deal sounds even sweeter when you realize that a single day pass at resorts like Steamboat, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Aspen exceed $200!

Silver Mountain Resort - Indy Pass
Silver Mountain Resort

Which is a better deal to you? $200 for one day of skiing, or $229 for an ENTIRE SEASON of skiing?!

2. The Resorts

The Indy Pass is home to some of the best ski areas across the country. Skiers from most major metropolitan areas are within driving distance of multiple Indy Pass resorts.

East Coasters will enjoy access to New England juggernauts such as Jay Peak, Cannon Mountain, and Bolton Valley.

Jay Peak | Four Season Resort | Vermont
Jay Peak

The Midwest list is chalk-full of the best resorts in the region. Including: Granite Peak, Lutsen Mountains, Big Powderhorn, and Terry Peak.

Lutsen Mountains

Skiers looking to travel West have plenty of options as well. Stand-outs include resorts like: Brundage Mountain Resort, White Pass Ski Area, Red Lodge Mountain, and Snow King Mountain.

Brundage Ski Resort
Brundage Mountain Resort

3. The Mission

The Indy Pass supports independently-owned ski areas. These areas are the ones suffering the most from the pandemic, and from the big-corporation takeover we’ve seen take place at ski resorts over the last couple of decades.

Massanutten Resort
Massanutten Resort

Buy an Indy Pass, travel to an independently-owned resort, and feel good about supporting “the little-guys”.

You can purchase your Indy Pass here.

*Remember that prices will increase from $229 to $259 for Adult passes on 1/1/21!

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