$1.4M Private Island In Colorado For Sale!

$1.4M Private Island In Colorado For Sale!


$1.4M Private Island In Colorado For Sale!


A privately owned island on Lake San Cristobal is up for auction, and Hinsdale County Officials have raised enough money to afford the asking price of $1.4M.

Colorado Lake Property - Lake San Cristobal Island - M4 Ranch Group

Lake San Cristobal sits high in the San Juan Mountains at 9,003′ above sea level. The lake is a popular tourist destination, but the chain of islands connected by an iron bridge have been privately owned for a century. The islands feature 10 acres of stunning 360-degree views of The San Juan Mountains.

Visitors have been able to kayak around and view the islands, but foot-traffic has always been prohibited. Hinsdale County will discuss how the newly acquired land should be used. An amphitheater, kayak rentals and restrooms have already been proposed.

Lake San Cristobal - Lake City, CO

Another win for public land in Colorado. Doesn’t it seem like a crime that land as beautiful as these islands was held by a private entity for all of this time? Lets just hope the public doesn’t trash this land like they did Ice Lakes this past summer…

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