“Many people think they are in the clear to out run a slide and are bounced out of control and crash (ski, snowboard, snowmobile etc) when they hit the stauchwall. I was fortunate that it was a shallow slab and was able to hang on.”

I think this is the first mountain surfer (no-binding snowboarder aka snurfer) I’ve seen trigger an avalanche. This “powsurfer” had a GoPro rolling strapped to the tip of his board while cruising through fresh snow on a North facing slope at 9600 ft in the Utah backcountry when he triggered a 10-12″ deep storm slab. Luckily he was able to hang on, maneuver outta there, and send up a drone to capture the debris field.  Don’t matter what your on…skis, snowboard, saucer, lunch tray….avalanche danger don’t care. Be safe out there folks.

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