The Largest Ski Areas In The Midwest By Vertical + Acreage

The Largest Ski Areas In The Midwest By Vertical + Acreage


The Largest Ski Areas In The Midwest By Vertical + Acreage


Let’s face it- you don’t travel to the Midwest for the size of the ski hills, but is size the only thing that matters? Well, no, but let’s take a look at it anyways…

To rank the areas, we are simply adding the maximum vertical (in feet) to the number of acres to calculate a cumulative score. All statistics are pulled directly from the ski areas’ websites.

We are defining “Midwestern States” by those listed by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

6. Granite Peak, WI

Vertical: 700′

Skiable Terrain: 202 ac.

Total Score= 902

Granite Peak Ski Area | Travel Wisconsin

Granite Peak, WI truly delivers a “big-mountain” feel that isn’t replicated anywhere else within the state of Wisconsin. Check out my vlog of their opening day. I had a blast!

5. Boyne Mountain, MI

Vertical: 500′

Skiable Terrain: 415 ac.

Total Score= 915

You can ski Boyne Mountain, and Boyne Highlands under one multi-day lift ticket. Not a bad deal for making some turns in Northern Michigan.

4. Boyne Highlands, MI

Vertical: 552′

Skiable Terrain: 435 ac.

Total Score= 987

Boyne Highlands claims to have the longest trail in Michigan at 1.25 miles long. Not too shabby for a mountain with <600′ of vertical.

3. Mount Bohemia, MI

Vertical: 900′

Skiable Terrain: 585 ac.

Total Score= 1,485

Please Credit: Matt Lorelli, Unofficial Networks

Mount Bohemia is not at the top of our list for overall size, but it’s by all accounts the best skiing you’ll find in any midwestern state. Nearly all of Mount Bohemia’s 585 acres are well-kept gladed terrain. The area averages close to 300″ of snow per year!

2. Terry Peak, SD

Vertical: 1,100′

Skiable Terrain: 450 ac.

Total Score= 1,550

Terry Peak Ski Resort | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

Terry Peak barely squeezes into our list (geographically speaking), but it counts! The South Dakotan ski area is an anomaly in the region, and tops out at 7,100′!

1. Lutsen Mountains, MN

Vertical: 825′

Skiable Terrain: 1,000 ac.

Total Score= 1,825

4. Modern Mountain Resort

Lutsen is the closest think you’ll find to a “western-size” ski area in the Midwest. 1000′ acres is nothing to scoff at. Lutsen is also home to the Midwest’s only gondola. Neat!

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