The Colorado Mountain School is offering a free online avalanche awareness course- right now! This course is perfect for skiers and riders thinking about heading into the backcountry this season.

But it should be clearly stated:

“This is NOT a replacement for a formal avalanche training course with real practice in the field. We strongly recommend you supplement this course with at least an AIARE 1 decision-making course.”

“In this online avalanche awareness class, our expert guides give an introduction to how avalanches happen, what they look like, how to avoid them, what avalanche safety gear you need and how to gain the skills and knowledge needed to make good decisions in the backcountry. This is a great first step in avalanche education and doubles as a regular refresher course.” 

Sign-up for the course here.

Take this course out to get your feet wet, and then check out when an AIARE class is being offered in your area. Stay safe out there friends.

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