“We wanted to create the best ski improvement system on the planet and today we announce our partnership with Olympian Bode Miller to do just that – give you the best season of your life.”

Bode Miller has teamed up with SKEO, a new platform that objectively measures ski performance using three Oreo sized wearable sensors, one worn on the chest and one on each ski. Powered by physician-led Swiss startup, Snowcookie Sport, the system allows users to analyze and improve their skiing, exchange on hill data, embrace safety, and enjoy their time on the slopes. If you dig using Strava or Whoop type performance tracking systems and are looking for the same experience on the mountain consider picking up a SKEO sensor pack ($449.00) to access precisely measured skiing parameters and receive actionable insights. Big time endorsement for the new kid on the block when it comes to ski trackers. Here’s an interview Bode did with CNBC about the new partnership:

Here’s a quick rundown of how the SnowCookie system works: