Pit Viper Launching 12 Days of Turbo Giveaway! (Click for details)

Pit Viper Launching 12 Days of Turbo Giveaway! (Click for details)


Pit Viper Launching 12 Days of Turbo Giveaway! (Click for details)


Pit Viper, the raddest sunglasses, goggles, and clothing company in the world is preparing to launch their ’12 Days of Turbo’ giveaway.

My adrenaline is pumping just looking at Pit Viper’s graphics. These guys know how to sell shades.

Check out the giveaway details below:

“Here at Pit Viper, we sell sunglasses to keep up with our real passion: giving away insanely cool shit. Last Black Friday, a 16 year old won his first car and in July we gave away the raddest custom limousine you’ve ever seen (and we know you’ve seen a lot). This November, we’re back and ready to wrap up 2020 with our biggest giveaway yet: “The 12 Days of Turbo.” We’re gifting 12 lucky winners prizes, and we’re not talking golden rings or partridges in a pear tree. We’re talking THREE PRETTY MEDIOCRE CARS, two vacations, a lifetime’s supply of toilet paper, a flamethrower, a “Find Love” package and as many motorized vehicles we could find. 

This year has been a wild ride, and Pit Viper is ready to turn 2020 around for 12 lucky winners. Customers, fans, newcomers and their parents can enter to win on Pit Viper’s main giveaway page and if fortune is in their favor, they’ll receive a call the next day congratulating them on a life-changing prize. 

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Here are the prizes announced so far!

  • One (1) custom wrapped 1996 Thunderbird Racecar
  • Two (2) custom Pit Viper motor scooters

  • Pit Viper’s “Find Love” package (four premium dating app subscriptions, a professional photoshoot and personalized dating bio guaranteed* to get you dates)

  • One of everything we make ($5,000 of sunglasses and apparel from Pit Viper)

  • A flamethrower

  • Two (2) custom Pit Viper onewheels

  • A trip to Pastranaland, action sports legend Travis Pastrana’s 65-acre property

*not actually guaranteed

How does it work?

  • The first two prizes are visible on the main event page, and each day a new prize will reveal itself.
  • At midnight (MST) the next prize entry form will open, and the previous prize will close.

  • A simple no purchase necessary form is filled out on the landing page.

  • The following morning Pit Viper will personally call the winner on the phone to congratulate them on winning a financial liability.

We’re not saying that winning a new-to you minivan or a trip to Jamaica will make getting through 2020 worth it, but we are saying that it will make at least this month better. Good luck.”

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