This Is A Sensual Freeride Film...

This Is A Sensual Freeride Film...


This Is A Sensual Freeride Film...


“We wanted to show the beautiful landscape that Iceland has mixed with Rúnar’s authentic style of snowboarding.”

There’s something about Iceland that always reminds me of Wes Anderson films in the best possible way.  Everything is just so visually palatable. Enjoy this trailer to the upcoming release of Fjörd Lines, a passion project created by filmmaker Víðir Björnsson and freerider Rúnar Hjörleifsson. How cool would it be to share the slopes with a herd of galloping Icelandic reindeer…so rad:

These images keep Central Europe’s people speechless: mountains, powder, rugged coastal landscapes and behind it the sea. In this sensual freeride film, snowboarder Runar Petur takes us to his favorite areas in Iceland. As the name suggests, the film is about the unique fjord landscapes of Iceland. The filmmaker Víðir Björnsson shows us spectacular shots. Yet at the same time, they exude a calm and magical bond that almost leads to melancholy. The main reason for this feeling is Runar Petur’s individual style when he becomes one with his lines. Fjörd Lines features a selection of Runar’s most beautiful runs in the immediate vicinity of the ocean. Once you make it to the end you’re off to surf in the ice-cold water. Incidentally Runar works in the fish industry during the summer so that in winter he can fulfil his van life dream of an independent freerider.


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